Digital Images, Silk, Japanese Paper & Encaustic

Zoom workshop, November 12, 2021, and November 14, 2021

Combine digital images printed on silk fabric and Japanese papers using encaustic medium.

I have been asked to repeat a previous workshop I offered on this technique. This time we will be using silk fabric and Asuka paper. The silk fabric holds digital images really good, and the fabric disappears when encaustic medium is used. The Asuka is a very thin Japanese paper that also holds digital images very well. I'll print and return your images to you before the workshop begins. I'll be using two sheets of silk, and one sheet of Asuka, each sheet will have a printing area of approximately 22" x 38". The preferred image sizes will be up to you, as long as all images will fit within that area. No more than 6 images per sheet please.

This will be a live 2 day ZOOM workshop, Friday, November 12, & Sunday, November 14. Both days will begin at 4PM and run until 7:30PM (with a half hour break at 6PM each day). I will need images from those enrolled no later than Friday, October 15. I will also make a Facebook group for the people in the workshop to review the class after the event. Feel free to contact me with questions. Cost: $325.00 (includes printing three sheets and shipping your images back to you USPS mail). Other shipping services will be at students expense. PayPal, or check. Purchase below;


 -Live and in person workshop-

Distressing Compositions; Manipulating Digital Images and Wax

October 2-3, 2021

Incorporate your own digitally printed images for this workshop, I'll print them for you before the class. 

Location: Studio Joy, 608 E 30th, Kansas City MO
Registration (includes printing costs): $420 

-also of interest-

Recomposing Digital Images with Wax.

(to make them more un-digital)

A Live ZOOM workshop,

July 30, & August 1, 2021

(4-6pm & 6:30- 7:30pm, both days)

Working with encaustic, using your own digital (printed by me) images.

I've had requests to repeat this workshop, so I am offering it again. We will be combining digital images, hand drawn images, and other mark making techniques with encaustic medium. The idea is to push a photographic image into something new, something unique that can't be repeated. Options for distorting that will be covered include (but not limited to); tearing apart, re-assembling, upside down, backwards, folded, layered, etc. Additional materials such as India ink, acrylic paint, encaustic gesso, stained paper, colored pencils, mark making tools, and more will also be investigated. Your own digital images will be printed on Japanese paper of varying transparencies, allowing for overlapping subjects to combine in a variety of new ways. Manipulation of images after they are printed will be the focus. The advantage of incorporating imagery created on separate layers before assembling, allows for greater options in composition. Components can be created outside of the main working surface, and then applied to the piece.

Some basic materials will be required from students, however I will digitally print and return your own images for you to work with. Images will be printed on three sheets, 23"x 38" on very thin Japanese Washi, with as many or as few images to fit on each sheet (that part is up to you). Digital image files received by July 1, 2021.

July 30, & August 1, 2021, 4pm to 6pm, and again from 6:30pm to 7:30pm each day, (Eastern time).

Limited to 12 students.

The workshop will be recorded and shared on a Facebook group for participants to review, ask questions, and share work or leave comments.

Price; $300.00. Price includes printing and shipping prints. Prints will be shipped to you via USPS Priority Mail*. Areas outside the US will incur the shipping fee for printed materials. Please ask if you have questions. I can accept PayPal or check.

Basic studio equipment; you will need encaustic medium, a method to heat the wax (electric skillet will work), a few panels (wood is fine) preferably coated with encaustic gesso, a few brushes, a heat gun. A list of optional additional materials will be emailed to folks who sign up for the class. Thank you! Please feel free to contact me with questions on my contact page.

* USPS shipping is not a guaranteed delivery date, so receiving your digital images early is best.


If a Zoom workshop is not your thing, maybe a "how to" instruction video is something you could use?

I'm also part of this group; "Painting With Fire". When you join this group, you will have access to my 2 videos, as well as 2 videos each from all 26 artists. It is a really great deal if you don't have time for a live virtual workshop, and would prefer to watch pre-recorded instruction at your own pace. You will have at your finger tips a variety of styles, methods, solutions for working with encaustic paint. To sign up through me, follow the link below.