Add, Subtract, & Divide

Working with encaustic, using your own digital (printed by me) images.

This live ZOOM workshop will explore combining digital images, hand drawn images, and other mark making techniques with encaustic medium. The idea is to push a photographic image into something new, something unique that can't be repeated. Working with other materials including India ink, acrylic paint, encaustic gesso, stained paper, and more will also be addressed. Images are printed on Japanese paper of varying transparencies, allowing for overlapping subjects to combine in a variety of new ways. Further manipulation of digital images through tearing, cutting, and re-assembling will also be addressed. The advantage of incorporating imagery created on separate layers, allows for images to be created beyond the main working surface, and then applied to the piece, allowing for greater options for composition.

Some materials basic will be required from students, however I will digitally print and return your own images to work with. Printed images can be up to 23"x 37". Required images must be received by February 15, 2021.

I will also post a group on FB for the class with video, questions & answers.

March 6 & 7 2021, 4pm to 6pm, and again from 8pm to 9pm each day, (Eastern time).

Price; $300.00. Price includes shipping prints within the US, areas outside the US will incur the shipping fee for printed materials. Please ask if you have questions. I can accept PayPal or check.

Basic studio equipment; you will need encaustic medium, a method to heat the wax (electric skillet will work), a few panels (wood is fine) preferably coated with encaustics gesso, a few brushes, a heat gun. A list of optional additional materials will be emailed to folks who sign up for the class. Thank you!