A few kind words from friends

Howard G;

Loved your workshop and found it extremely informative and full of great ideas I intend to apply to my work! Great teaching style. Well worth the price of admission.

Leah M;

When I met Wayne at the Encaustic Conference 2022 I was so excited to try his papers and techniques- it changed my work and improved my skills!

Tracy C;

I highly recommend Wayne’s workshops. I have worked with encaustic for many years and his workshop, appropriate for beginners and advanced artists alike, Don’t miss this opportunity!

Roxanne M;

Still the best workshop I ever took.

Tanya M;

I loved every minute! I loved seeing the different approaches used by you. This was everything I had hoped for and more.

Ed T;

The workshop was totally AWESOME. It was a total learning experience.

Joan M;

Sundays presentation was outstanding. I can hardly wait to get started using your foam and chip board method. 

Puja C;

Thanks Wayne! Learned a lot from you! Thank you!

The video below is a short clip of a longer interview used with permission from "Artists Talk on Art", hosted by Doug Sheer and interviewed by Pamela Blum.

To view the entire clip click; HERE

The video clip below is from early 2023. Leah Macdonald and I offered a two instructor workshop, which took place at The Draw in Kingston, NY, as well as at R&F in Kingston, NY. It ran for three days and included a photo session with a professional model at The Draw and using those images for making artwork at the R&F workshop room. I have admired Leah's approach to digital imagery and her use of mixed media for quite some time, and since we have shared methods of combining materials, it made sense to offer this type of workshop. For more information on Leah, visit her site; http://www.leah-macdonald.com/